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In its first years, Baladna created a special space in which Arab youth could meet to discuss issues unique to their experience as members of a marginalized minority and an oppressed nation, as well as a neglected yet essential population in the wider Middle East. Today, Baladna is working to strengthen the ability of these youth to make changes in their communities. And through international exch
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Baladna works to enable and strengthen the Arab youth’s understanding and application of the principles of democracy and gender equality, pluralism and tolerance, youth empowerment and community building, as it is part of a growing trend towards building independent institutions and striving to equalize the Palestinian community's relationship with the State. In conjunction to this, Baladna engage
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Arab citizens of Israel- a sizeable minority of approximately 20% - are the poorest and most marginalized community in the country. Palestinian youth born in Israel- comprising over 1/2 of the one million Palestinians in Israel- bear the brunt of these economic, social and political conditions. According to the Israeli National Bureau of Statistics, over 1/2 of Arab children under 18 subsist below
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Baladna is the only independent national Palestinian youth organization in Israel. Around 5500 youth participated in Baladna's various activities and programs last year. Hundreds of visitors for Baladna's website each day. Thousands of youth have graduated from our programs over the past five years. The majority of these graduates are in positions of leadership for various political and
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Baladna, Association for Arab Youth, is a developmental and capacity building agency for Arab-Palestinian youth in Israel, was established in 2001 by a group of ten educators, artists, lawyers, community workers, feminist activists and journalists representing a new generation of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Baladna aspires to provide the ideas, resources, and practical tools for youth activ
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